Panettone - Let them eat cake.

Highest Quality, Artisinal.

Pasticceria Totó   
Turn key integration.



Totó Capaci has been making world class artisinal pastries in his Ferentino laboratory just outside of Rome's city center since 1951.


These deliciously hand-crafted works of art arrive fresh weekly in North America in order to satisfy commercial and consumer direct interests.  


The Giorgio Campo & Associates Team has created and identified a vibrant marketplace for this iconic brand across North America.  From sophisticated enterpise brand creation to highly effective response marketing, we've seemlessly engineered the complete product life-cycle for Totó.

sustainable, ecological - Clothing.

Breath harmoniously with nature. 

Green markets realized.


The world of Heshima is luxurious clothing completely constructed of 100% natural and organic fibers.  From beginning to end, it's fashinable lines are made of raw silk, offering protection from electro-magnetic pollution and providing relief for all sensitive skin types.


Each piece is uniquly hand crafted in Italy respecting a distinct organic process which tells a story offering eco-friendly and fashionable sustinance for all who wear the brand.


Alexia Aulicino, Heshima's Founder partnered with the Giorgio Campo & Associates Team to increase and transform net new distribution inside the US across retailers and direct to conscious consumers online. 


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